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Established Patients

An established patient is a patient who has been seen in the office within the last 3 years. If 3 years have passed since your last visit, the doctor will need to do a full initial visit assessment with you to be sure all health history and other information is up to date to provide the best care possible.

The average established patient visit lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.  Based on the treatment plan that you and your doctor have agreed upon, a re-evaluation of patient progress will be performed at regular intervals. If you are experiencing a new complaint since your last office visit, please let us know when scheduling your appointment so we can allow for extra time to do a full assessment.  

Some patients may find that they are more comfortable changing out of their "work clothes" into a patient gown or into their own shorts and t-shirt for their treatment.  This is fully optional but may be recommended for certain techniques, areas of complaint or services offered. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow yourself time to change in the restrooms or ask our front desk if a treatment room is vacant.

Chiropractic is as much an art as it is a science.  As chiropractors, the doctors have been trained in hundreds of chiropractic adjustment techniques.  If at any time  you experience any discomfort or concern about a given therapy, please speak up and let the doctor know so that they can alter their treatment and keep you as comfortable as possible. 

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