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New Patients

​New chiropractic patients will complete an intake form when scheduling with our online services. You will be asked to create an account with Jane, the scheduling software this office uses. This provides you with an easily accessible patient portal, allowing you to view things like upcoming appointments, communicate with your doctor or office staff and more. If you have trouble with this process we can email you the intake form to be filled out when you call to schedule your first appointment. 

New patient visits usually last 40 minutes. 

At your first visit, the doctor will take a full medical history and do a variety of examinations in order to establish a proper diagnosis and treatment plan unique to you. Usually we are able to work with any attire you might be wearing.  However, some areas of complaint can be better addressed with looser fitting, or stretchy clothing so please be mindful of this when dressing for your appointment. You are also welcome to use the restrooms to change out of work attire prior to your appointment, if desired. 


You can expect to have chiropractic treatment at your first appointment as long as your exam does not reveal any conditions or symptoms that may need to be further addressed by another medical practitioner.

What to bring with you:

  • Insurance card

  • Photo ID

  • Medication list

  • Past imaging (I.e. X-rays, MRI, CT) that may be relevant to your complaint

  • Shorts and/or T-shirt if this would make you more comfortable or help the doctor better access the area of your complaint

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